New blog design

New design for the blog... more images and I hope more new updates.

As always... I'll post at least one picture of the gallery and the whole url address. Sometimes the url doesn't work anymore but you can get the same gallery searching by model name or by gallery title.

If anyone has more info about the gallery (model name, more pictures..) I apreciate the comments published in the posts.

Suck my gun

Girl nude with a gun in her mouth

Suck my gun: Create emotions and touch you as a spectator. Every model gets to choose how to interpret the situation and together we discuss how to visualize it regarding clothes, make up and so on...

Betsy Rue

Blonde nude girl with a gun

A short video of a blonde girl running naked with a gun:

More info: Betsy Rue - Two Beautiful Sluts Bare It All And Get Caged Up, amazing hot blonde body riding her mans cock and bouncing her tits, then runs out naked after her boyfriend A red hot fuck goes down between these hot sluts. They are so ready to fuck their hearts out.


Nude girl with a gun

Artflakes, a new web with stock pictures. Only a few girl with guns images now, but probably in the future more artist decide to publish their work here.

This image is from artist Csongor Varga.


Blonde nude girl with a gun

A new webpage (2013) with pictures, videos and calendars of girls with guns. Mostly army and some cops.
It's a paysite but has some free pictures.

The Huntress

The Huntress: A gallery uploaded to Imagefap by glineker22. A pair of girls wearing leather and boots holding silencer guns.

The Gallery you requested doesn't exist!... the gallery has been deleted from Imagefap.

Latina gun girls

Latinas girls holding guns

A lot of latina's girls with guns pictures (39 albums full of pictures) from MAGNUM ENTERPRISES ATL:

Ops... the link doesn't work. You can see some little miniatures of the pictures in the Google cache:

If anybody finds these pictures again please insert the new link in a comment below...

Facebook groups

Nude girl with a gun

There are several facebook groups about girls with guns. All have galleries with pictures of girls with guns, but not all are new pictures:

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Others: (Posters of girls with guns) (Posters about politics, not many gwg)


Secret agent girl in leather with a gun

Young dark hair woman with a gun, from artist Marcin szogun000:


Several girls holding guns

I posted time ago about Tumblr where users can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog . But recently I have discovered more tumblr pages with a lot of new pictures of girls with guns:

More great galleries: (More than 100 pages) (screenshots from movies)

Of course, the pictures can be listed in several of these galeries, and some of them aren't new to us.

Check here the updated list of tumblr pages with girls with guns.

Some paysites: