Girls with guns photo apps & blogs

Blonde army girl with a gun

Photo apps and blogs about girls with guns, they all focus on girls with guns pictures but not all contain the same number of images. Each author or owner elaborates the blog following their own tastes. Not all are updated frequently. With the exception of facebook groups, only the owners can post images freely. 

Instagram I use a lot
A lot of real girls with guns. Some of them publish their profiles and also there are generic tags like: "gungirl"... Use "Instagram" tag in my blog to find more Instragram related entries. You can browse the pictures directly from Instagram web page so is not necessary to use Insitidy or Ink361 web pages.

VolkStudio Blog
Blog of Oleg Volk photographer. A lot of gwg pictures with very nice models. Some other pictures in his gallery.

Some pictures.

Gun and girls
Nice blog. (Last update from January 2011)
Yes, this blog...

List of facebook groups about girls with guns, all have galleries with photos.

Users can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. A lot of NEW girl with guns pictures in those tumblr galleries:
      Great tumblr galleries: (Just girls with guns in their mouths) (Screenshots from movies) 
      One titled "hipsters with guns". A good source for alternative gwg pictures: 
      Another tumblr gallery with b/w pictures, some of them are also girls with guns: 

The well armed woman
Advise and information for woman interested in carring a gun. Not many pictures here.


Girl Gun Source
Includes galleries from

Doesn't work anymore

Tumblr (It doesn't work anymore) (It doesn't work anymore)


  1. Other one here "" but no new posts since February 14, 2011.

  2. Here... you should check out my gun website too... I shoot (no Pun intended) all my own work...





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